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Wave Management

Benefits of minion waves management:

  • Vision of enemies: any enemy that is visible to friendly minion will be visible on your minimap. Knowing where your enemies are is EXTREMELY important. Vision helps you stay safe by avoiding ambushes. Vision helps you win team fights by helping you figure out when to engage. For instance, if you see 2 enemies DS lane clearing wave and your team of 5 is dragon side with 3 enemies, guess what? ATTACK!!! you have a +2 advantage.

  • Make enemy rotations predictable: A wave at your enemies tower must be cleared, which means the enemy team must rotate fast, or lose all the gold & XP from the minion wave and potentially lose the tower.

  • Gold and XP: Minions that die with no one in collection range do not give gold or XP

  • Force bad choices: Most disadvantageous fights happen when people disagree about whats the most important thing to do on the map. For instance, [player 1 & 2] wants to dragon [player 3] wants to clear DS lane minion wave [player 4] wants to clear jungle [player 5] is sitting in front of mid-tower waiting for the next wave. as you can see disagreeing about what to do leads to a spread out and thus vulnerable team.

  • Insurance: If your team loses a fight and all minion waves are pushed to the enemies’ towers you will likely lose fewer towers and objectives than if all minion waves are pushed to your teams’ side of the map.

  • Safety: Mid, DS, dragon laners can not roam if waves are pushed to their tower, meaning they can not go kill you or your teammates.

Practice Objectives:

  • When going for high ground towers (tier 3) sync all 3 lanes minion waves so they hit the towers at the same time

  • Don’t miss any gold or XP from minions in the first 3 min of the game

  • Keep all 3 lanes’ minion waves pushed past the river for as long as possible.

Food for thought:

  • When you win a team fight do you get more or fewer objectives (dragon, DS, towers, etc) when waves are pushed?

  • Is it easier or harder to take objectives when waves are pushed to the enemies’ side of the map?

  • Do enemies roam to your lane more or less when waves are pushed to tower?

  • Do enemies roam to your lane more or less when their lane is pushed to tower?

  • Does your team increase or decrease its gold lead when waves are pushed to the enemies towers?

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