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Watching Gold Leads to Wins

One of my favorite phrases in life is, “What gets measured gets achieved.” When people are given a clear purpose in life they are very good at achieving it. Hopefully, the question on your mind now is “what should I be measuring when playing AoV?”

Why gold is a great metric

Gold is a great metric because it has a high correlation to the outcome (winning or losing) For instance when I accumulate 2000 gold, 4:30 into the game I have a very high win rate. On the other hand, when it takes me 6 min to get 2,000 gold I frequently lose. Another common example is that the team with more gold very rarely loses the game.

Why you should watch gold:

By watching gold your gameplay will naturally improve. Watching gold will help you make better decisions. For instance, should I leave lane and help take the dragon? Well… If you stay in lane and push a full wave to the enemy tower and they are not there you will cost your enemy 1 wave of gold (130ish gold), or you could leave lane and guarantee your team 1st dragon which is worth 400 gold (80 gold per person). If you don’t know what things are worth than study all the sources of gold in AoV.

What you should be watch:

  • Are you ahead of your enemy laner?

  • Is your team ahead in overall gold?

  • What is your gold in relation to all enemies?

  • What is your gold in relation to your teammates? (If your support and your ahead of your team than you are playing poorly)

  • Are your carries ahead in gold?

  • Which enemies are way ahead in gold? (Fed and Scary)

Practice objective:

The reason I made these practice objectives formulas is that you should make them achievable, yet challenging. When the objective becomes easy, make it harder to achieve. You will be surprised how much this will help you improve.

  • Get x_amount of gold by y_time in the game

  • Buy x_item by y_time

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