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Using the Minimap

What to watch on the minimap:

  • Minon wave location: Notice in the left minimap the minions are just passing tier 3 high ground towers while in the right image the minions are already being killed mid and are about to pass tier 1 towers on the side lanes. Important note: minion waves arrive mid before the side lanes, which gives mid laners the opportunity to clear waves (kill all the enemy minions) and roam faster than side laners.

  • Available Objectives: What objectives are available?

  1. Left minimap: DS lane Vision seagull, Dragon side jungle for both teams, and Dargon

  2. Right minimap both Spirit Sentinal, All jungle for both teams, and Dargon

Most important information gained from watching the minimap:

  • Likely position of enemies: Good laners will clear their minion waves then roam. If you see that the enemy mid lane has cleared their wave and another wave is not coming for a while then a danger alarm should be going off in your head. (Below, if the red team Valheim and Grakk where looking at the minimap danger bells would be going off in their heads. Danger signs:

  1. Blue team mid lane minion wave is clear and the next wave is far out

  2. Blue DS jungle is clear. Meaning the jungler is also likely Dragon side. For the purpose of #2 assume the red team does not have Vision seagull watching Slimz.

  • Good roaming objectives: (Using the above minimap)

  1. Dragon lane presents a great gank opportunity because  (1) Valheim and Grakk clearing minions past the halfway point of their lane (2) both blue team Dragon laners are present. Slight downside is that the enemy jungle is likely in the area since Dark Slayer jungle is clear.

  2. Dark Slayer vision seagull woud be a very safe and easy objective to secure because Marja is about to push a full minion wave to the red teams tower. Furthermore, red teams jungle is very likely Dragon side clearing their jungle.

Practice Objectives:

  • Before you clear, each minion wave check the minimap

  • Before you go to take an objective check the minimap

  • Before you leave lane to roam check the minimap

  • After you clear, a wave check the minimap

Gameplay examples:

In the video’s description, I marked 3 early game examples of the topics covered in this article.

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