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Understanding Hero Power Curves

Benefits of understanding power curves:

  • Help you figure out when to fight and when to farm

  • Help you take advantages fights

  • Help you snowball and win more often

  • Help you turtle up and recover more often

  • Prevent you from feeding the game away

How to figure out a hero’s power curve:

A hero’s power curve consists of 2 key aspects.

Power increase with levels: Heroes do not gain equal power from leveling up

  • Basic state increases: Notice that “Per level increase” Violet gains .2 more attack damage then Wisp (17 vs 16.8). Meaning that a level 4 violet will hit harder than a level 4 wisp assuming they have the same level of gold/items.

  • Skill damage increases: Notice that Ignis’s Rain of Fire gains 35 basic skill damage per level while Diao Chan’s Chilling Frost receives 70. Also take note that Ignis’s cooldown on Rain of Fire decrease, yet Diao Chan’s  Chilling Frost does not.

  • Ultimate: Does a hero really on their ultimate to be effective? Jinnar is a great example of an ultimate reliant hero, which also means he has a major power spike at level 4.

Power from items

  • Scaling: Above you will notice that Rain of Fire’s damage increases by 0.45 per point of Ability Power (AP) Ignis gains while Chilling Frost increases by 0.85 for every point of AP Diao Chan acquires. Meaning that as Diao Chan and Ignis gain AP Diao Chan’s Chiling Frost will become much stronger in relation to Rain of Fire.

  • Functionality (life steal, crit, shields, etc.): Example, Rhea’s Blessing is a major power spike for Jinnar because it makes him almost unkillable during large team fights due to his magic life steal out healing the enemy teams damage.

Practice Objectives:

Make a habit of evaluating where heroes lie on their power curve and how their power curve relates to your own. Should you bully them early, or should you out scale them late game?

  • Every min check what level all players in the game are

  • Every min check how much gold all players in the game have

  • Before each game identify when the hero you are playing is strong (item/ gold level)Before each game identify when the heroes on your team are strong

  • Before each game determine when your team composition will be at its strongest

  • Before each game determine when your enemy team composition will be at its strongest

  • Before each game determine what places along your power curve you need to play aggressive or defensive

  • Every time you go back to base or die check your team and the enemies gold levels and determine who you should and should not fight.

Note: It's okay to make simpler versions of these objectives that are more achievable for you. For instance instead of “Every min check what level all players in the game are” try “Every 2 min check your gold vs your enemy laner’s gold”

Credit to Samari games for the images

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