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State of AoV

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

To me the state of a game simply comes down to the enjoyment I derive from playing it. Is AoV Enjoyable? Unfortunately, to me it is not! why?

1) Toxicity

2) Polarized outcomes

3) Devs put $$$ before player enjoyment Toxicity:

The root of Toxicity is Powerlessness. When players feel powerless they get frustrated, tilted, and become hopeless. Non of these emotions are enjoyable, which leads player to vent there negative feelings to others. The worst news is that toxicity is a self perpetuating cycle. Toxic players create more toxic players.

Sources of Powerlessness:

1) Team Members

Simply put, every game, players are at the mercy of 4 other people

Main team member issues:

  • Non viable Team Composition: Who has not been in a 3x marksman game? or even better a all mages comp...

  • No teamwork: Anyone who has played a reasonable amount of AoV has met that one player that refuses to join teamfights, or coordinate their actions at all with the team. To be fair we are all the player sometimes. "That player" is born from everyone thinking they know the best play and refusing to listen to anyone else's "Best Play"

  • AFK: Nothing is more tilting then watching a player not even select a hero till time runs out and they are auto locked their most played hero because I know what it means. It means that I am about to waste 10-20 min stuck in the a highly unenjoyable match.

  • Trolling: Unfortunately, there are people out their who derive pleasure from the power they feel ruining 4 other peoples day.


  • Role queue

  • Improve Report system

  • Stricter punishments

2) Role

Roles have disproportionate influence on the outcome of games. For instance, its much easier for a Jungler to solo carry a game than it is for a DS laner. Meaning Jungle players have more "power" than DS laners. The consequence of this imbalance of power is that players fight over the most powerful roles. I strongly believe that fighting for "Powerful" roles is the #1 source of toxicity in AoV


  • Role Queue

  • Normalize power

3) Technology:

Players have different phones, different internet speeds, and varying distances to the nearest AoV servers. All these factors restrict a players obtainable rank.


  • Players must understand their technological limitations. If you have 200 pings i'm sorry but making it to the rank of your dreams is going to be a lot harder than if you had 40 ping. The best thing for players to do is to accept their limitations instead of letting their limitations stressed them out.

Polarized outcomes

What I mean by Polarized outcomes is that games end in either a snowball victory or loss. The problem with Polarized outcomes is that they are not fun. I find 20-2 snowball victories almost as unenjoyable as 2-20 losses. It is the same reason most people don't find playing bots to be enjoyable.

note: I am very curious how you all feel about this point.

Causes of Polarized outcomes:

1. New Game Economy:

  • Heavily rewards teamwork: The increase to both tower and dragon have put a premium on teamwork. Teams that roam effectively can easily secure huge gold leads very early in the game.

  • Quicker itemization: Simply put there is more gold available in each game now, which lets players buy items faster. This enhances snowball effects because if a team falls behind they can very quickly find them selves at a significant item disadvantage.

2. Age of Assassins:

  • Promotion of Assassins: Developers made gradual changes that made assassins more and more viable to the point that they are now very META.

  • New Assassin Heroes: Quillen and Riktor are both strong and fit the META very well.

  • Assassins are Snowbally: Assassins tend to be very boom or bust. You either do amazing or you fail miserably

Devs put $$$ before player enjoyment

In the video below Steve Jobs explains how companies fail. Companies fail by placing their focus on marketing instead of their product.

Tencent & Garena are putting marketing before player enjoyment. The clearest example I can give is that they chose to put development time and effort towards installment plans, AoV Prime, and Codex instead of implementing a role queue, which the top MOBAs all have. For instance, both LoL and Dota2 have role queues, why? because role queues remove one of the major toxicity factors from team games, 5 marksman teams *cough cough*

Tencent's refusal to spend money on advertising to grow AoV faster is another good example. If AoV would spend money on marketing AoV could more quickly expand its player base and thus shorten queue times. There are a lot of other benefits from a more popular game, but I wont go into them in this article ;)

Chaos Squirrel's Wish List for 2019

1. Role Queue

2. MMR System

3. Normalize Power between roles

4. Revamped reporting system

5. Spend money to Advertise AoV

My original intent was to cover my solutions in detail, but I don't want this article to get to long. Instead I have decided to outline my proposed solutions in future articles/videos. Happy New Years!!!! I hope you all achieve your Season 9 goals ;)

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