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Role Breakdown: Side-laner

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Side-laner Mantra:

  • I am a vice. I will squeeze every last drop of gold and XP out of the map. I will squeeze the enemy team until they have no option but to type out "GG"

Main Responsibilities:

  • Built Map Pressure: Side-laners mainly built map pressure by threatening to destroy towers and secure other objectives, such as Vision Seagulls, Spirt Sentinel, and enemy jungle monsters.

  • Farm: Building map pressure and farming go hand and hand. The more you destroy towers and secure jungle objectives the quicker your gold and XP lead build. As your gold and XP lead increase so does the map pressure you exert on the enemy team.

  • Stay alive: When you die you release map pressure and pause your ability to farm gold and XP. The best side-laners know their limits.

Side-laner Archetype:

  • Fast wave clear: The faster a side-laner clear minion waves the quicker they can roam to other gold and XP bearing objectives.

  • Ability to quickly take objectives: Whether it be securing vision Seagull, Spirt Sentinel, or an enemy tower a side-laners damage directly correlates to the amount of pressure they exert on the map.

  • Ability to escape ambushes: The side lanes are the longest lanes in AoV, which means they are the most vulnerable to being ambushed by the enemy team. Furthermore, the most effective side-laners spend the majority of their time behind enemy lines, which means they need the ability to quickly retreat if and when enemies try to eliminate them

Standard Lane:

  • Dragon and Dark Slayer Lanes

Fundamental Side-laner game knowledge:

Most important Side-laner skill: Map awareness

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