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Role Breakdown: Roaming Support

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Roamer Mantra:

  • I am a living vision ward. Annoying enemies is my passion and getting my teammates fed is my glory!

Main responsibilities:

  • Clear pathing routes and objectives by ensuring bushes are clear of enemies and then taking control of strategic bushes to provide your team vision of critical pathing routes, objectives, and enemies.

  • Feed your carries (main damage dealers) as much as possible, by keeping them safe from ambushes and minimizing the amount of gold and XP you leech from their minion waves and jungle monsters.

  • Interfere with enemies' ability to farm gold and XP by trying to last hit their jungle monsters, zoning them away from minions so that they miss gold and XP.

Roamer Archetype:

  • High Mobility: Speed is a roaming support's best friend because it makes all their key responsibilities easier.

  • Not item or level dependent: Great roaming supports will not have access to a lot of gold or XP. Meaning they will be behind in levels and items. For this reason, great roamers need highly impactful abilities that are not dependent on levels or items. For instance, Teemee's ultimate revies friendly players whether he is level 4 or 15.

  • Abilities that provide massive Team utility: The more of a roamer's abilities that fall into one of the following categories the better:Engage / DisengageAoE Buffs / DebuffsHeals/ Sheilds

Standard Lane:

  • None, a great roaming support is always where their team needs them the most

Fundamental roamer game knowledge:

Most important roamer skill: Map awareness

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