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Role Breakdown: Mid-lane

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Mid Mantra:

  • I am the bringer of death. I roam the map filling my belly so that I can bring destruction down upon my enemies.

Main responsibilities:

  • Roam: A great mid-laner plans their roaming while they clear waves, so that as soon as their wave is clear they can directly move to the most favorable objective or gank opportunity. The mid-laner that plans better arrives safer and faster.

  • Farm: A mid-laner that cant farm cant kill. A mid-laner must be able to build a gold and XP lead over their enemies or they will not have the damage they need to help their team. Keep in mind that two key factors in farming are wave management and objective control.

  • Carry Team fight: Roaming to where they should be and Farming to achieve gold and XP leads are irrelevant if a mid-laners does not know how to safely position, manage ability cooldowns, and focus key targets.

Roamer Archetype:

  • Fast wave clear: Roaming is not an option until minion waves are clear, which is why the ability to quickly clear waves is paramount to mid-laners

  • Capable of carrying a game: Carrying a game requires massive AoE and or Burst damage. An effective mid-laner instills fear into their enemies.

  • Strong engage and disengage abilities: Mid-laners will always be heavily focused by the enemy team, which means they need good ways to disengage from dangerous situations. Furthermore, mid-laners also need ways to engage on enemy carries that are being protected by their team.

Fundamental mid-laner game knowledge:

  • Roaming Options by LaneBushes: Mid-laners are constantly pathing around the map, which means they are very vulnerable to ambush. It is extremely important for a mid-laner to understand what areas of the map are most dangerous.

  • Wave Management

  • Minion timings

  • Monster timings (mainly spawn times)

Most important mid-laner skill: Map awareness

  • How to Improve Map AwarenessBuild Map Awareness

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