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Role Breakdown: Jungler

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Jungler Mantra:

  • The shadows are my allies they aid me in feeding my eternal hunger. Monsters, tower, and heroes are my meals of choice and I will never stop seeking out their delicious annihilation.

Main responsibilities:

  • Farm: A Jungler must have a level advantage if they do not they are failing at their job.

  • Secure objectives: A Jungler must use the level advantage they have built to secure objectives and or kills for their team. Farming an advantage and never using it is pointless.

  • Instill fear in the enemy team: Jungler should try to stay invisible, do not show yourself on the minimap unless you absolutely must. A Jungler that cannot be seen could be anywhere on the map. Enemies must play passively when they don't know the location of the Jungler. Meaning, they can't push up in their lane, they can't start taking an objective, they have to rotate slower because they cant the fastest, yet most dangerous routes.

Jungler Archetype:

  • Clear speed: Junglers must have very fast clear speed because the faster they clear the faster they level and roam for ganks and objectives. Imagine Jungler_A's First jungle clear takes him to the 1:30min mark, yet Jungler_B takes till the 2:00min mark. What do you think Jungler_A is likely to do with a 30-sec head start and his ultimate, which no other player has yet?

  • Mobility:  There are 2 main reason a Jungler needs to be highly mobile1) Jungler must be able to get onto the enemy team's backline safely2) Junglers "Lane" consists of the entire map, so they must be able to traverse the map as quickly as possible. A slow Jungler will be out rotated by a faster Jungler, which will greatly hurt their team.

  • High Damage: Jungler needs to be a threat. In the current meta junglers consist of marksman and assassins. The benefit of jungling is gaining a level advantage. A Jungler who is farming effectively should easily have a 1-2 level lead over their enemies. A Jungler must most make use of their lead to secure objectives and kills for their team

Fundamental Jungler game knowledge:

  • Bushes: Junglers are always in motion constantly pathing around the map, which means they are very vulnerable to ambush, yet they are also the masters of setting up ambushes. For this reason, Junglers must have an intimate understanding of pathing routes and the bushes that cover them

  • Monster timings (mainly spawn times)

  • Minion timings (mainly to time objectives or tower kills)

Most important Jungler skill: Map awareness

Tips to help or hurt Junglers:

  • Leash their 1st buff: Helping a Jungler clear their jungle faster without leeching gold or XP helps them roam faster and get kills or take objectives. It also helps them in case the enemy team invades. DO NOT stand in range of the jungle monsters/buff when they die or you will leech, split gold and XP with the jungler.

  • Steal jungle: Whether it is your Jungler or the enemy Jungler if you steal jungle you are hurting their ability to Farm. They will level & buy key items slower. If one Jungler has ult and the other one does not guess which one dies...

Food for thought:

  • A Jungler's main advantage in the game is gaining XP faster than anyone else. Jungle item increases XP gained from killing a jungle monster by 30% so if you are not jungle and kill a jungle monster you are costing your team 30% of that monsters XP value. Furthermore, you are wasting your Junglers main advantage.

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