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My Journey to Master

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

I climbed to masters by focusing on macro. I define macro as all things that lead to a gold or XP lead over the enemy team. This blog is my personal learning tool, which I use to develop the skills needed to achieve master and improve in AoV. I have tried to condense my thoughts as much as possible, I may have gone overboard >_<

From total MOBA noob to master in AoV took me about 3 months or 1027 games, 700 of which were ranked games. I played at least 50 games of all roles above diamond, but my preferred lane is mid.

My improvement philosophy:

  • Identify:  What skills could you stand to improve? Take note of anything you could do differently to improve.

  • Prioritize:  Time and focus are limited. Figure out which “improvement opportunities” will give you the most gain for the least work.

  • Plan: Outline the actions you will take to improve a given skill and how you will measure success or failure

  • Act: Practice as much as you can with 100% focus. 5min of 100% focus is better then 1 hour of 50% focus.100% Focus meaning keeping your mind fixed on your practice objective at all times.

  • Review: Determine if your improvement plan worked or not. If it did great, keep it up! if not figure out why and adjust your practice plan.

Every post has practice objectives. Your goal is to achieve as many of them as you can each game. Start with just 1 and work your way up. Winning and losing does not matter. If you experiment and figure out who you can better achieve the practice objectives than you will naturally improve

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