• Chaos Squirrel

Minion Wave Control


  • Ability to Roam quicker and longer

  • Able to steal jungle easier

  • Easier to defend/assist your teammates

  • Built and maintain gold & xp leads

  • Join team fights quicker than the enemy laner


  • Clear the first minion wave faster then your enemy and roam

  • Clear first 5 minion wave faster then your enemy laner

  • Never let minion hit your tower when you are not there

  • Get 1 wave of minions to crash into your enemies tower when they are not there

Practice achieving these objectives and see how they affect your games

  • Are your roams more or less successful?

  • Does the enemy laner roam as much?

  • Are you able to secure vision seagull easier?

  • Are you able to secure Dragon easier?

  • Are you able to secure Dark Slayer easier?

  • Are you ganked more or less?

  • Do you take tower quicker or slower?

  • Do you kill enemy laner less or more?

  • Do you built a gold & XP lead more often?

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