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Minion Timings

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Updated: 10/21/18 for Clone Clash Patch

Important Minion Timings:

  • Minions spawn every 33 sec from the core

  • Minions arrive mid lane 9 seconds before they arrive at the side lanes.

  • Minions require 18 sec to travel from the core to the center of mid lane.

  • Minions require 27 sec to travel from the core to the center of each side lane.

  • Siege minions start spawning at 5:11 at the core.

Why knowing minion times matters:

Knowing the timing of minion waves will help you improve your overall gameplay. It will help you roam more effectively, manage minion waves, and gain map and objective control. Some examples:

  • Roaming: There is a 9-second difference between when minions arrive mid vs when they arrive at the side lanes, so if mid-laner clears their wave ASAP they can arrive at either side lane before the minion wave is cleared, which means there is a good chance the side-laner will be slightly overextended clearing wave.

  • Wave Managment: Always keep in mind when roaming that you have about 30 sec until you need to be back to clear the next minion wave, assuming you cleared the previous wave as quickly as possible.

  • Objective control: The first dragon spawns 2 min into the game, while a wave arrives mid at 2:08. If enemy mid clears wave as fast as possible the 2:08 wave will not arrive at your tower until about 2:15, so you have 15 sec to help your team secure dragon. If they enemy mid does not clear the wave also and comes to Dragon then you have infinite time to fight because the wave will be frozen (they won’t move past the halfway point).

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