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Macro Focus Leads to More Wins


AOV is a game that revolves around utilizing XP and gold advantages to overpower your enemies.

Macro: is how to play the game


  • Attack sequence

  • Game style

  • Item Builds

  • Runes

  • Development progression

Map Awareness:

  • Ability to predict and properly adjust to what an enemy may be doing by watching map movements (or lack of movement)

  • Rotations

  • Vision

  • Objective

  • Teamfights:

  1. Positioning

  2. Enemy CD timers

Macro Heuristics:

  • Macro play is how quickly they got x objectives, or how safely they got those objectives due to good rotation around the enemy team

Rotations: the key to rotations is map awareness

  • Never rotate to a fight already happening across the map. when you see that you should rotate its already too late. Instead, rotate to an objective away from where the action is taking place. The best rotation is one that makes enemies make hard choices. (Save teammates or lose tower. Prevent dragon or die)

Macro Objectives:

Gain gold and XP advantages over enemies

  • Map control: how can I make the map scary for my enemies

  • Buffs

  1. Red/Blue

  2. Dark Slayer

  • Towers

  • Vision

  1. Vision minion

  • Gold

  1. Spirit sentinel

  2. Dragon

  • Minion waves

When minion waves pressure a tower they give your team:

  1. Increased vision

  2. Cost the enemy gold (wasted into towers)

When enemies have minions wave pushed into their towers they have 2 choices:

  1. Go clear the wave and give up any ability to contest objectives (dragon, DS, etc.)

  2. Contest or seek objectives and lose their towers.


  • Push minion waves.

  • Rotate after waves are pushed

  • Objectives are more important than kills

  • Communication is key

  • Don’t attack tower without minions

  • Fight behind your own tower in team fights

  • Never engage in team fights unless you know for certain it will be a greater trade-off

  • Know when to take Abyssal and DS

  • Don’t become toxic when behind

  • Never surrender

  • Use a low skillcap hero (preferably support with low gold/xp requirements) or one you can play without thinking. This will let you focus on awareness and rotations and will prevent tunnel vision.

  • Ping enemy locations and ambushes as often as possible, and I mean literally whenever the ping is off-cooldown.

  • Once your calls are on point (i.e. you’re calling ambushes before they happen), start roaming, coordinate ganks, and call for objectives WHILE still doing #2.

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