• Chaos Squirrel

Items Overview

Thank you to Squirrel Nation community members @Izaq and @Yung Rocks who compiled all this useful information 😊 (I am just making this readily available)

Attribute Max Possible Values:

Cooldown reduction: 40%

Resistance: 60%.

Lifesteal: 100%.

Critical Chance: 100%.

Attack Speed: 200%.

Movement speed: 800 units per second

Magic and Physical Damage Reduction Formulas:

Magic Damage Reduction % = Magic Defense / (Magic Defense + 600)

Physical Damage Reduction % = Armor / (Armor + 600)

Item Effect Stacking:

Unfortunately, Item stacking is a complex topic. In general item effects with the same name do not stack. However, there is an exception to the non-stacking rule.

Shield of the Lost & Aegis: Stack, even though they have the same name

Important Item Notes:

Amulet of Longevity: The passive healing bonus applies to all kinds of heal and regeneration.

Apocalypse: Your hands glow purple. You have 5 seconds to use Elemental Power after using an ability.

Blitz Blade: Your hands glow white. Chain lightning has a range of 600 units. Does not hit the same target twice.

Boomstick: Explosion has a range of 200 units and has 1 explosion per ability cast, not per target hit. Also, the explosion occurs on the first target hit.

Death Sickle: Invulnerability lasts 1 second.

Essence of the Wind: Shield can be cast on self.

Fafnir’s Talon: Dragon’s Breath damage is reduced by armor.

Criticals do not enhance Dragon Breath’s damage.

Enemy’s HP is calculated after damage dealt.

Fenrir’s Tooth: Bonus damage also applies to structures.

Frost Cape: Your hands glow blue. You have 5 seconds to use Elemental Power after using an ability.

Hercules’ Madness: Berserk’s shield is 30% of your current HP maximum after it triggers.

Leviathan: Flame Magic has a range of 150 units.Loki’s Curse: Your hands glow blue. You have 5 seconds to use Curse Power after using an ability.

Mantle of Ra: Burn has a range of 150 units.

Omni Arms:Your hands glow red. You have 5 seconds to use Elemental Power after using an ability.The bonus damage cannot be enhanced by other effects or skills.

Purifying Bracers: cannot be cast on self

Shield of the Lost: Spirit Bond has a range of 200 units

Spear of Longinus: All kinds of damage (auto attacks & abilities) trigger Shatter.

The passive’s reduction is applied after damage calculation.

The effect does not apply to towers

Tidecaller’s Mark: has 200 units (melee) range

Tips and Tricks:

Massive burst: With Elemental Powers and other Auto attack enhancing abilities: As soon as you cast an ability, the passive triggers, and your next AA is buffed. The passive of the item goes on cooldown immediately after the cast, it does not wait for you to consume your AA buff. Meaning you can cast a blank spell in the air, wait 3 seconds, engage, hit an enemy with a buffed AA, use a skill, and get your AA buffed again as the passive’s cooldown was ending up during your engagement.

Example:  Violet can use this trick to double-Omni Arm engage, which can absolutely melt squishies.

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