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Item Shop Mechanics


The total price of an item = material cost (component items costs) + fusing fee.

Shield of the Lost has 3 tiers of component items:

  • Tier 1 = 2 x Ring of Vitality + 2 x Light Armor

  • Tier 2 = Greaves of Protection + Knight’s Plate

  • Tier 3 = Shield of the Lost

  • Tier 2 component cost = 900 + 730 = 1630

  • Tier 2 fusing fee = 2100 (Sheild of the Lost total price) – 1630 (Tier 2 material cost) = 470

  • Buying a component item decrease the material cost at a 1-to-1 ratio for any item which it is a component of. 

  • If you purchase Greaves of Protection for 900 gold Shield of the Lost total cost will now be 1200 gold.

  • Selling an item will return 60% of the original cost to you.

Purchase Queue: 

  • You may have up to 6 items in your purchase queue

  • Purchase queue starts with the items in the build you selected before the game started (e.g. “Build 1”)

  • Purchase queue can be edited at any point during the game

Purchase Recommendations:

  • The top item recommended to you will correspond to the 1st item in your purchase queue, the leftmost item’s highest value component, which you have the gold to buy. Notice Max has 1115 gold and his top recommended item is Cleaving Claymore (the 910 gold sword)

  • The bottom item recommended to you will correspond to 2nd highest value component you can afford. Notice Max’s 2nd recommend item is Heart of Incubus

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