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Item Changes - Winter Wonderland

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

This was just imported from the original post from the Arena of Valor subreddit.  Just made some reformatting. Please refer to that for a full summary.  I have added my opinions below each item description.  Share your thoughts about the item changes at Squirrel Nation.


Unique Passive: 25% life steal >> 25% life steal (both physical and magic lifesteal)

Due to the changes made to The Beast, magic lifesteal percentage adjustments were made to some heroes and equipment:

  • The life steal percentages of Valhein's magic damage have been adjusted from 100% to 50%.

  • Magic life steal percentage of Valhein's ultimate: 50% >> 35%

  • Life steal percentage of Tel'annas' S1's magic damage has been adjusted from 100% to 50%.

  • Magic life steal percentages of Heart of Incubus, Mantle of Ra, and Leviathan have been adjusted to 25%.

  • Magic life steal percentage of Blitz Blade has been adjusted to 35%.

COMMENT:  This is probably the most anticipated item change.  People have been talking about how The Beast could be powerful on Valhein, Tel-annas, Kilgroth, and the likes.  Personally, I'm not sure how I'll slot this into their item builds, especially Kilgroth who has an established core and values attack speed so much.  Outside of lifesteal, The Beast's only stat is AD.  If a marksman ever needs lifesteal, Bow of Slaughter would be a much better choice IMO.  A "vamp" build with Tel-annas or Valhein with Blitzblade might make its way to arena. I still feel it's too cute, but don't take my word for it.


Price: 2680  >> 1980

New recipe:  Greaves of Protection + Necklace of Vitality + Talisman of Strength

HP Regen +100/5 sec >> HP Regen +50/5 sec

HP +1700 >> HP +1800

Removed:  Unique Passive: Heal +20%

Removed:  Unique Passive: Max HP +10%

Added:  Unique Passive: Restores 2% of max HP and 1% of max mana every second after exiting combat.

COMMENT:  Supports would probably pick this up as it costs cheap.  Its old users would most probably drop this though since it has no more bonus HP.


R.I.P. Let's all offer a moment of silence for tankerfly. Nah...


COMMENT:  I was never a fan of this item so I won't miss it.  Still, I was hoping they'd turn it into a Tome of the Reaper/Curse of Death for tanks, like having a reaper effect on hit kinda like an Aegis slow proc.  It could've fit it thematically, giving you health at the same time denying enemy healing.


Price: 1820  >> 1900

New recipe:   Greaves of Protection + Light Armor + Light Armor

Attack Damage +60 >> Armor +200

HP +1000 >> HP +1200

​COMMENT: I personally like this change as the old 60 AD felt awkward.  I've only seen  Superman purchase this.  I'd probably try it on an in-your-face tank as soon as it comes out.


HP +800 >>HP +1000

Shield based on max HP: 10% >> 12%

​COMMENT:  Not gonna lie, I hate this item in its current form. The delayed shield makes it clunky to use.  I feel that the shield support item offers much more better stats.


Attack Damage +40 >>Attack Damage +60

COMMENT:  This would somehow mitigate some of Kriknak's damage nerf early game.  I feel that this buff might put other assassin junglers into the map.


Price: 2400 >> 2330

COMMENT:  I rarely see this item being built.  Still, if I'd have to choose between the Beast and this for a marksman, I'd probably go with this as a burst heal would be much more helpful when in grave situations compared to sustained healing. But I'd do some testing between the two once they come out.

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