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Humility and being a Self-Critic

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

TL;DR: Don't blame your teammates. You probably suck as much as them.

Humility is arguably the very first step in improvement. I can't think of any other virtue needed for self improvement that is more important than humility.  Humility leads to acceptance.  In order to improve, one must accept the fact that he or she does mistakes that need to be corrected.

Instead of looking for someone else to blame for your loss, ask yourself what could you have done to win? Did you make any mistakes that added to the ones made by your team to cost you the game?  Games are usually won by teams that made the least mistakes.

Criticizing one's self could be difficult, especially with the fact that it's easier to remember good plays versus bad. For this, recording and watching your own games would help. Seeing your gameplay from a different perspective makes your mistakes much more visible and from there, you can take steps in correcting them.  I've done this before in League.  I used to think I played well until I tried to watch a replay.  I cringed on some of my plays and bad rotations.  It's like watching a different person play.  Sadly I know that it was me, and I know for a fact that it would be a different person if I will make efforts to improve.

Once you improve, it's normal to be proud of yourself.  After all, you deserve to be happy of your accomplishments.  Pride in small amounts is helpful.  It will give you the confidence to make plays and other decisions that you used to hesitate to make. Remember though that too much of it will result in shutting yourself off from other people's suggestions, especially from those who we think are inferior to us.  Take time to hear every suggestion regardless of rank as there might be some merit to them.  At least, you'll have chance to correct and teach other players on how you got to improve.  

Every game is different. You might have that one game where you carried like a pro, and by the next game you might end up having to be carried instead. Enjoy the games where you played like a god and learn from ones that you had to be lifted up by the scruff of your neck; but still, always treat each game differently as no game would be the same, even with those of exact team comps.  Your past games won't be considered, whether you played well or not.  Stay humble.  Be open to opinions.

P.S. You can send your recorded games to Squirrel Nation (go to gameplay-review channel).   There are coaches there and other friendly players who can give suggestions on what you need to improve in your gameplay. Don't hesitate to ask for help. It's our pleasure to assist our fellow AoV players especially when it comes to self improvement.

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