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How to Carry Yourself to Platinum

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to carry your way to Platinum. I recently moved to Korea, so I needed to level up my account on the Asian server. I did not want to waste the process, so I decided to take meticulous notes about why and how I won or loss each game. Below are my findings.

Constraints on my experiment:

I wanted my results to be reproducible by the average players, so I used 3 constraints.

  • Only played solo queue

  • Never adjusted my build. I only used a single cookie cutter for each hero

  • Only used the free arcana that you get for leveling up

Bronze & Silver:

Common issues:

  • To kill oriented: People spend most of the game running around looking for fights. Its not uncommon to see 3-4 people in 1 lane for a few minutes at a time. The result is that everyone in the game ends up under farmed because minion waves keep crashing into towers and the jungle is being left untouched.

  • Jungle without punish: People don't understand how inefficient it is to jungle without a jungle item early game. You do less damage to monsters and receive less experience from killing monsters. Meaning if you jungle without punish and thus a jungle item (not purchasable without punish) you will be way under leveled and itemized compared to if you focused on killing minion waves in lane.

  • Don't clear waves: The main source of gold for non-jungle players is minion waves. Therefore, by not killing minion waves and letting them die at your tower when you are not there you are ensuring that you fall behind the enemy team in level and itemization.

  • Don't rotate: People love fighting so much that they frequently ignore one of the side lanes that is just gradually being pushed. The number of high ground towers that are lost or taken uncontested is SHOCKING!!!

  • AFK: Bronze and Silver was actually where the majority of my losses occurred. Mainly because its very hard to win with multiple AFK. AFK are just part of these ranks. Do not get discouraged just play through them try to win, if you can't move onto the next game.

Best carry method:

  • Always take punish: At this level its not uncommon for the enemy team not to have a jungler. By taking punish and buying a jungle item you will have access to both teams' jungles, which will make it much easier for you to farm the leads you are looking for to carry.

  • Select a very strong and bursty late game heroes: By late game hero I mean a hero that has very high damage scaling and can/will destroy enemies in team fights. Violet is a prime example. Late game Violet can 2 shot squishes and make quick work of tanks as well. Furthermore, heroes like Violet strongly punish enemy mistakes. If a squish gets a little bit out of position they are dead.

  • Farm, Farm, Farm, Carry: Farm until you have either a 2 level and 1 tier 3 item advantage over enemies, or until you are max level and full build. Carry means get 1 or more kills then take towers or other objectives like Dragon or Dark Slayer. Repeat till you destroy the enemy core.


Common issues:

  • Late game Disorganization: Team very rarely group. Everyone tends to spread out and do their own thing, which makes players very vulnerable to ambush.

  • Let losing teams back into games: Teams and players don't know how to end games. Mainly because they don't know how to safely take high ground towers and late game objectives like Dark Slayer. A lot of throws occur from teams forcing high ground towers or Dark Slayers.

  • Don't capitalize on kills: Players do not turn kills into towers and other objectives like Dragon and Dark Slayer

  • Over evaluate skill: In high gold I started to see a lot of players insta lock carry heroes and refuse to change. The real problem is that those players who insta lock carries tended to not have enough ability to actually carry the game.

Best carry method:

  • Use smurfs to your advantage: If someones shows a +80% win rate let them have the role they want even if they only have like 10 games played on that hero. That player is very likely a Master+ player who knows how to carry your team to an easy win. It was surprising how often in high gold I would show a +90% win rate and people would still refuse to let me jungle. The people who refused to show usually had a lot of games played with a certain hero, Murad *cough cough* w/ a 50%ish win rate.

  • Set up ambushes: The best and most common late game gold ambush is standing in the mid lane side brush and not clearing the minion wave. You will be shocked how often enemies will trickle mid to clear the wave, or simply run through mid lane brush going to check either Dark Slayer or Dragon. After you get the kills simply push mid with the frozen wave and its GG.

  • Stay with your team: Late game try to minimize the amount you wonder off alone to farm. Anytime you are separated from your team you are making it easy for enemies to pick you off 1 by 1 or 2 by 2 ;)

  • Turn kills into objectives: When your team gets a man advantage, meaning you have more teammates alive than your enemy go take an objective like tower, dragon, or dark slayer.

What makes a great Carry Hero?

  • Outplay potential: I define outplay as winning a fight by capitalizing on another players mistakes. Maybe you dodge their abilities, maybe you catch them out of position, or maybe you bait out their key abilities, either way outplays are what will carry you through bronze, silver, and gold. Outplay heroes tend to have high burst damage because it turns small enemy mistakes into kills.

  • Farm speed: How fast a hero can kill jungle monsters and clear minion waves directly correlates to how quickly they can built a multi level and item lead, which they can then use to destroy the enemy team.

  • Mobility: mobility is key to both Outplay potential and Farming speed. Dash or speed boost type abilities make it much easier to dodge enemy skill and secure favorable positions during team fights. Furthermore, they help get rotate between lanes and pick up the minion waves being ignored by the rest of your team ;)

  • Late game power: Players have no idea how to end games if they gain a lead they will use it fight more. Instead of using it to secure objectives and kill towers. My point is that even when you start out way behind most games will give you and your team the chance to get to max build and level, so if you play heroes that are very strong late game you will always have the chance to win one late game team fight and end the game.

  • Kill and survive: A major aspect of being able to carry a game is the ability to get kills and stay alive. Simple trading your life for 1 of the enemies is not enough. A major indicator of a player who is not capable of carrying is a K/D ratio <= 1, which means they die once for every kill they secure.

  • Tower killers: Teams don't understand how important killing towers is to winning games. If you don't kill towers its likely your team wont kill them either.

Best Marksman Carry Heroes:

I believe marksman are the best carry class up to platinum and within that class I believe Lindis reign supreme because she can farm so fast and just snowball games for her team. Also Lindis provides the most utility with her S2 and S1 of any marksman.

Brand new account to Platinum V in 60 ranked games.

Lindis (Jungle)

  • Outplay potential: (8/10)

  • Farm speed: (10/10)

  • Mobility: (10/10)

  • Late game power: (7/10)

  • Kill and survive: (8/10)

  • Tower killers: (8/10)

Note: In high gold I started having issue with my team stealing my jungle. My first loss with Lindis came at Gold 2 *4 because of this. Violet becomes a slightly better than Lindis in games where your team steals farm because violet can stall till late game and beast out, where as Lindis is most effective when she is able to use her insane farm speed and mobility to build large gold and XP leads.

Violet (Jungle/Lane)

  • Outplay potential: (10/10)

  • Farm speed: (7/10)

  • Mobility: (8/10)

  • Late game power: (10/10)

  • Kill and survive: (10/10)

  • Tower killers: (10/10)

Valhein (Lane)

  • Outplay potential: (8/10)

  • Farm speed: (8/10)

  • Mobility: (8/10)

  • Late game power: (8/10)

  • Kill and survive: (10/10)

  • Tower killers: (8/10)

Yorn (Lane)

  • Outplay potential: (5/10)

  • Farm speed: (8/10)

  • Mobility: (2/10)

  • Late game power: (8/10)

  • Kill and survive: (5/10)

  • Tower killers: (10/10)

How to know when your not carrying:

If after games you notice that any of the following metrics are lower than show below then you are most likely not carrying games, which means you may be the stubborn player who refuses to let others carry them ;)

  • Kill to Death Ratio < 2

  • % Kill Participation < 65%

  • % Damage Done < 30%

If you enjoyed this article let me know and I can try the same thing with assassins, mages, etc :D

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