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Dive Composition Breakdown

Updated: Feb 3, 2019


Assassin in general win most 1v1 fights especially, so the goal of an assassin comp is to get 1v1 fights whether that be from intercepting enemies rotating, or simply ganking them when they over extend in lane. Dive comps tend to fall off late game, so they need to have strong early and mid games to snowball to victory.


"Dive and Dip"

Win conditions:

  • Bait enemy Cool Downs: Assassins are weak to CC and burst. They want to be in and out before enemies can react, which is why first baiting out enemy CDs and then diving in and getting out before enemy skills come of CD is crucial

  • Ambush squishies: High mobility is crucial so that your assassins can reliably gain positional advantages to dive on enemy squishies and then get out before enemies can focus on them.

  • Avoid CC: Crowd Control is an assassins greatest threat, so dive comps must avoid CC heroes like the plague

Loss conditions:

  • Strong Peel and CC: Dive comps success and failure lies in their ability to burst enemy carries. For this reason if dive comps allow themselves to be crowd controlled (CC) or peeled away from enemy carries before securing kills they will likely lose the game.

  • Failure to get picks: Dive comps must engage in favorable fights. Fights where they have numbers advantage, or fights where they can executer their burst and get out before enemies react. Normally these things do not happen in large scale 5v5 or 4v4 team fights, which means dive comps have to figure out ways to get picks on enemy carries before large team fights happen

  • No access to backline: Strong frontline heroes are the bane of a dive comps existence because they will always ensure that they are always between the divers and the squishies. Have you ever scene a Kriknak or Murad run past an enemy Mina enroute to squishies? It does not end well ;)

Dive comp heroes and their function:


  • Raz: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Tulen: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Liliana: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Flash: High Mobility + High Burst

Dark Slayer & Dragon:

  • Richter: High Mobility + High Burst + Immunity

  • Omen: High Mobility + Very strong 1v1

  • Maloch: Excellent Engage and disengage from ultimate

  • Lubu: High Mobility + Very strong 1v1

  • Emily: High Mobility + Very strong 1v1

  • Wonder Women: High Mobility + High burst + High utility ultimate

  • Ryoma: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Xeniel: High utility ultimate + High Burst + Strong CC

  • Max: High utility ultimate


  • Kriknak: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Zephys: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Zill: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Murad: High Mobility + High Burst

  • Nakroth: High Mobility + High Burst


  • Y'bneth: Excellent Engage and disengage from ultimate

  • Annette: Ultimate can break up large team fights into smaller skirmishes that favor dive comp heroes.

  • Mina: Strong CC and Peel, if shes In the dive comp she cant be used against it ;)

  • Cresht: Ultimate can be used to split fights and can help assassins get out alive using his shield and knock-back abilities.

  • Chaugnarr: Counters CC with his ultimate

Dive Comp Counter Heroes:

  • Arum (Heavy CC)

  • Marja (Strong Disengage + Slows)

  • Mina (Heavy CC)

  • Aliester (Heavy CC)

  • Annette (Ult pushes assassins out of melee range)

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