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Build Map Awareness

Map awareness is knowing:

  • Where enemies are

  • Where your allies are

  • Where you should be

  • How to Path, move from point A to B the fastest and without dying

Benefits of Map Awareness:

  1. Minimize deaths, which will help you gain gold and XP leads

  2. Minimize teammate deaths

  3. Set up more effective Ambushes

  4. Secure major objectives towers, dragon, dark slayer, buffs, etc.

Practice objectives:

  • Don’t die in the first 5 min of the game

  • Successfully gank (kill or assist) within the first 3 min of the game.

  • Finish the game with highest kill participation

  • Don’t die for an entire game

  • Secure the first dragon of the game

  • Never stand under your tower for more than 5 sec in the first 3 min of the game

  • Before every fight check your teammates’ health

  • Before every fight look at the minimap

Practice achieving these objectives and see how they affect your games

  • Do your games end quicker?

  • Do you maintain a gold and XP lead over your lane opponent?

  • Does your team maintain a gold lead throughout the game easier?

  • Do you have a better feel for where enemies are setting up ambushes?

  • Do you secure objectives easier?

  • Do you pull off more successful ganks?

  • Do you die less?

  • Do you have higher kill participation?

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